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Visit 1: Pre-installation

EV Customer confirms the purchase of EV
with Dealer, subject to receiving the installation
cost of JuicePoint EV Smart charger.
EV Dealer or JuicePoint confirms date and time with customer for pre installation inspection.
The installation contractor carries out the pre installation inspection of customer's home/work and prepares quote. Approx.45 mins.

EV Dealer or JuicePoint contacts customer, confirms that the quotation is acceptable and confirms the

installation date.

Visit 2: Installation

The nominated EV Charger installation contractor completes the installation. Approx.4hr 30mins.

The installation contractor carries out all the

tests to ensure that the new charging installation is

safe and ready for use. Approx.45 mins.

The installation contractor completes a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and supplies a copy to the customer.

The installation contractor will instruct the customer

how to properly use the EV Charger and provide a troubleshooting manual or website link.